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For a long time, we have been frustrated with the supplement industry.

An industry that seems to have forgotten it’s ethical responsibility in educating the customer with what supplements actually work and WHY, based on actual scientific research – rather than just trying to sell products promoting false promises with bold marketing claims, often using ‘enhanced athletes’.

Products that say they are ‘researched backed’ but actually contain ingredients that have been proven to work only in petri-dishes, on rats or in isolated environments that don’t correlate to the real world.

And if they do contain ‘research backed’ ingredients, it’s not in the dosing that actually works and thus doesn’t actually cause the effect its claimed to (HERE is a perfect example of this with pre-workout supplements – we analysed the top 10 companies and what they were actually putting in their products against the claims they made).

Products that contain fillers and completely unnecessary ingredients.

Products that claim they are high quality but aren’t.

Products that claim to be premium, have the price inflated to seem ‘premium’, but are no more premium than the next company (a perfect example of this is some vegan proteins, why are they so expensive? The raw ingredients for a vegan protein powder are actually no more expensive than whey protein but are often carrying an inflated price tag for some reason). This won’t happen with our products.

Supplements claimed to taste AWESOME, but don’t. After all it’s not hard to make something taste amazing when you care about it.

Products that are said to work, but flat out don’t (always check www.examine.com if you are unsure of a product’s claim to be effective, which is an impartial 3rd party review website).

Being told you ‘need’ a product when in reality, you don’t is just pushy marketing. 

Products advertised to be taken ‘multiple times a day’ or ‘whenever you need it’ without a clear understanding of WHY or HOW you need it and WHEN to actually take it.

Products sold to you before you have even considered your nutrition, training and lifestyle, the cornerstones of achieving an AWESOME state of health and performance (one reason we wrote the ‘8 reasons you don’t need supplements’ book found at the bottom of this page).

Supplements should ‘supplement’ a healthy diet and lifestyle and add that little bit extra, supporting and adding to our health, training, recovery capability and physical performance.

As a result, we created Awesome Supplements.

A mission to give honesty to the supplement world while educating and empowering people to make great changes in their lives, both in body and mind. 

Here at Awesome Supplements you will see no fat burners, CLA, crazy pre-workouts that make you bounce off the roof of the car on your way to the gym, toning products, diet drinks, diet products, meal replacement shakes, testosterone boosters, or anything that doesn’t work... 

You’ll only find products that are proven to work according to actual research (apart from Awesome Recovery Spray, which is why it’s in a black bottle) with research effective doses, wrapped up in a product that we guarantee tastes AWESOME.

We want the best for you. Whether you are someone just trying to get fitter and healthier, a seasoned gym goer, or an athlete looking for peak performance, join us and get…


Ben Coomber
Awesome Supplements Founder



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