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Cardio & Functional Training Room

Our cardio fitness room is equipped with up to date equipment for both weight loss and good cardiovascular health (fat burning). All exercise machines are linked up to TV’s, you can also listen to the radio or music while you exercise. If you choose to have a fitness induction you will be shown how to use the equipment and staff are on hand to help you with any of the machines.


The XCUBE is the most advanced and adaptable functional training station available. Designed to provide endless exercise options for YOU! Ideal to perform traditional bodyweight exercises such as pull-ups, push-ups, monkey bars, inverted rows, step-ups, and dips mixed with the latest functional training exercises with training ropes, suspension exercises, resistance bands, gymnastic rings and much more. Suitable for all age groups and abilities (You are never too old!).

Why Our Gym

The Real Bodies Health and Fitness Centre is situated in Haverhill, just a few minutes walk from the town centre.

Whether you are looking to put a full fitness programme in place, just tone up, lose weight, make some basic life style improvements, or enjoy our range of calming or high energised classes in the new dance studio then you will find that Real Bodies has something to offer everyone.

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