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Get Fit As A Team
There’s no doubt that a fitter, healthier workforce brings all kind of benefits to any organisation – especially when you look at what time off costs:
 137.3 Millionb

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        How Can Exercise and Fitness Help?

In more ways than you might think. Exercise is good for employees body - lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, building the immune system and toning and strengthening muscles.

And it's good for employees minds too - reducing stress and the risk of depression, promoting happiness and productivity.

In short, exercise helps keep employees fit for business.

Physical activity programmes at work have been found to reduce absenteeism by up to 20% and physical active workers take 27% fewer sick days.

                  Why Choose Real Bodies?

As a company owner you are entitled to this Exclusive offer of a FULL membership for  £3.69p/w 

That's a saving of £264.00 per year ......And you can offer this to your STAFF because they work for you!




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The Real Bodies Health and Fitness Centre is situated in Haverhill, just a few minutes walk from the town centre.

Whether you are looking to put a full fitness programme in place, just tone up, lose weight, make some basic life style improvements, or enjoy our range of calming or high energised classes in the new dance studio then you will find that Real Bodies has something to offer everyone.

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