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  • Our staff are not medically trained other than to basic first aid levels. Should you have any concerns with your health and/or fitness you should seek independent medical advice before engaging in any physical activity in our gym.
  • You believe you are in good health and capable of engaging in active exercise.
  • You believe that such exercise would not be detrimental to your health, safety, comfort, well being or any physical condition.
  • You will advise us immediately should your capability to exercise change.
  • If you have an existing medical condition which will benefit from regular exercise, that your GP has agreed to your exercise plans and recorded this on your medical records.
  • You are primarily responsible for your health and well-being. Whilst we respect your decision over your training regime, we do reserve the right to ask you not to exercise beyond what we reasonably believe to be your personal ability.
  • Any medical or health information you do divulge to us will remain strictly confidential and will only be used to ensure you can exercise safely in our gym.

Your mobile phone number and/or email address will be used to contact you as part of the GDPR consent requirements to manage your usage of Real Bodies Gym including reminders of classes and membership renewals (if relevant).

From time to time, Real Bodies Gym would like to send you information, special offers and other such communications not directly related to your usage of the Gym, i.e. marketing materials, via the same communication methods. Your data will not be disclosed or sold to other third party entities. Real Bodies Gym will endeavour to limit such communications to those absolutely deemed necessary.

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Car Parking

We have onsite parking available free of charge. There is also on street parking available all day.

*Additional parking is available with our neighbouring businesses (Thermal Drum) after 5pm Monday-Friday and anytime Saturday & Sunday's*

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