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Here's What Our Members Are Saying About Us:

Sam Chambers

"I have been a member of various Gyms, and joined Real Bodies a few months ago. They are by far the best gym I have ever been a part of. From the moment I joined I felt completely comfortable and not self conscious like I have done in the past. The classes are varied, and the staff are always happy to help and offer advise if you need it. I love it here!!!"


Simon Gilligan

"I was one of the 1st to join Real Bodies when Lee took ownership and I have to say, it's the best gym in town. Friendly staff, awesome classes and great equipment. Affordable memberships to suit all needs and lots of classes to satisfy members. Josh, Vicky, Harrison, Whitney, Ryan, James and the other instructors are always on hand to give advice and nothing is too much for them. Lee has expanded the overall space of the original building and integrated lots of new workout stations (including a cross fit frame) and am looking forward to any further improvements. Showers and changing rooms are always clean. Post workout chilling area is also a nice touch. Lots of post workout shakes and even ready made, protein rich, meals etc. are now available. If you haven't joined yet, why not? 5 Stars 👍"


Kelly Woods

"I've been a member of other gyms and they've all been cliquey & you're made to feel an outsider both in classes & the gym. Here everyone is so friendly & welcoming! Wish I'd joined sooner! Classes are my main thing - I love them! Something I've never enjoyed before. Occasionally use the gym and you always feel welcome & can work out without worrying."

Andy Walker

“Great gym and great people, totally recommend this gym!"


Emma Foreman

This is my third gym membership in Haverhill and the only one that has lasted!!! I work full time irregular night shifts and still find that Real Bodies cater for my needs. There are varied classes every day of the week that fit in with my crazy life!! My daughter also attends the gym with mixed martial arts classes with Burn MMA achieving her third grading in just over year, and dance classes with Made2Move and has passed two dance exams. The staff are friendly and motivating and always happy to offer help and advice. It is so much more than a gym, I have made many friends since joining. I never thought that I would find exercise so much fun!! It has a brand new cross fit rig and really does offer something for everyone."

Kevin Andrews

“As a company owner I was delighted with the corporate deal we received from Real Bodies, now all our employees can enjoy the benefits of a well run and very well equipped gym."

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Why Our Gym

The Real Bodies Health and Fitness Centre is situated in Haverhill, just a few minutes walk from the town centre.

Whether you are looking to put a full fitness programme in place, just tone up, lose weight, make some basic life style improvements, or enjoy our range of calming or high energised classes in the new dance studio then you will find that Real Bodies has something to offer everyone.

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