Smart Fitness Suite

Personalised Resistance Training

Our eGym training equipment is suitable for all abilities and fitness levels, providing a personalised workout to help you achieve your goals faster, whether that goal is general fitness, body toning, weight loss, athletic, muscle building or health.  

After a simple set up the equipment knows you and adapts to you, updating your progression as you go.

Simple & Quick to use

RFID Technology

for contact-free login to all EGYM Smart Strength, Smart Flex and Smart Cardio devices. Once setup, the equipment will automatically adjust the seat and weight to your personal specifications.

Device Connectivity

Keep track of your progress through the free app which also provides training schedules to keep you motivated.

Perfect for...

Immunity Boost

Intensity and progression controlled exercises that increase your immune defense.

General Fitness

Variable workout stimuli to maintain strength and physical vitality.

Weight Loss

High-intensity strength workout at consistently elevated heart rate and extended exercise times.

Body Toning

High-intensity muscle strain at low movement speeds for maximum muscle growth.

Muscle Building

High-intensity muscle strain at low movement speeds for maximum muscle growth.


Enhanced performance by developing speed strength and resilience.

Smart Guidance: Just Follow the Curve.

EGYM Smart Strength machines guide your members through every single session and their personalized training schedules to create ideal conditions for successful workouts.

Motivational Gamification

The EGYM training curve shows your members the right range of motion and correct speed. Gamification elements, like scoring points on the training curve also enhance motion control and motivate your members to perform the exercises correctly.

Automatic Periodisation

Workout parameters such as training weight, number of repetitions, speed of movement, or the length of sessions automatically adjust to individual users. A variety of methods are automatically combined and then introduced in meaningful sequences.

Strength Measurements

Regular maximum strength measurements automatically calculate the ideal training weight on each machine and continuously adapt the parameters in line with training achievements – creating stimuli for steady growth and preventing training plateaus.

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